Property Protests

CRA handles the appraisal protest process from start to finish. We file appropriate protests with each respective County Appraisal District, requesting all necessary appraisal evidence that affects the value of our clients’ mineral properties.


Reserve-Based Valuation Model

CRA’s geologists and reservoir engineers prepare internal reserve models for each client’s properties, comparing the County’s appraisal evidence – highlighting any mistakes or oversights. We take an in-depth look into all aspects of every single property appraisal, introducing new data to the County Appraiser that they did not have or consider.

Appraisal Negotiation & Settlement

CRA crafts sound, technically supported arguments that the Appraiser cannot dismiss. We only settle once we are satisfied with every minor detail of an appraisal. We assume this process for our clients with a motivated technical team demonstrating proven, repeatable success – resulting in fair mineral property appraisals.

Our Process

Our team of geologists and engineers complete in-house technical evaluations for the properties we protest as opposed to the industry standard accountant or attorney review. Our scientific approach ensures that the county’s overvalued appraisals are corrected, guaranteeing fair taxable values.

Our Reach

CRA successfully protests mineral properties throughout all Texas Oil and Gas basins. We are proud to retain 100% of our clients and consistently save them millions of dollars in Ad Valorem taxes annually.


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